Lab News

2021.08 Yujia started her tenure-tracked position at Peking University. Good Luck, Yujia.
2021.05 Shuhao received the GSRM award for supporting his summer research. Congratulations, Shuhao!
2021.02 Akila received the APA Dissertation Research Award. Congratulations, Akila!
2020. 05 Akila received the VSS travel award. Congratulations, Akila!
2019. 07 Gennady decided to join Insight as a Data Science Program Director. Good luck, Genna.
2019. 07 Akila received the Yong Scientist Travel Award from the Cognitive Science Society. Congratulations, Akila!
2019. 06 Yujia graduated this summer to become Dr. Peng. One of her thesis chapter is published in Cognition this year. Yujia is now a postdoc researcher to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying depression and PTSD at UCLA.
2018. 10 James Kubricht joined the GE research as a research scientice. Good luck, James!
2018. 05 Yujia received the Dissertation Year Fellowship. Congratulations, Yujia!
2018. 02 Our lab and the UCLA reasoning lab received a Google faculty research grant to study analogy.
2017. 08 Our lab received a new NSF grant to study action perception and causal reasoning.
2017. 06 Hongjing received UCLA Psychology Teaching Award.
2017. 06 One of our CogSci papers entitled Inferring human interaction from motion trajectories in aerial videos won the computational modeling prize in perception/action from the Cognitive Science Society. Congratulations, Tianmin, Yujia and Lifeng!
2017. 05 Thanks to our lab members and collaborators, Yujia, Joseph, Nick, Greda, for doing a great job to present 4 posters and 1 talk at VSS. What a fun conference!
2017. 05 James Kubricht received the Dissertation Year Fellowship. Congratulations, James!
2017. 05 Pratyusha R. Javagula, Aya Strauss, and Tabby Safar presented their research project in the undergraduate research PURC conference.
2017. 04 Yujia received the 2017 Liu Yunghuo Bei Qui Memorial Fellowship. Congratulations, Yujia!
2013. 08 Jeroen will join the faculty of Monash Univ, Australia. Congratulations Jeroen and good luck!
2013. 07 Alan Lee moved to Paris to start his postdoc with Prof. Mamassian. Congratulations Alan and good luck!
2013. 04 Congratulations to 1 oral presentation and 1 poster presentations accepted at Cognitive Science meeting. (1) Powell, Merrick, Lu & Holyoak; (2) Chen, Lu & Holyoak.
2013. 02 Congratulations to 3 oral and 2 poster presentations accepted at VSS. (1) Lu &Lee; (2) Thurman & Lu; (3) Lee & Lu; (4) van Boxtel & Lu; (5) Su & Lu.
2012. 12 Jeroen van Boxtel received the competitive Odysseus Grant. Congratulations. Jeroen!
2012. 06 Congratulations to Alan Lee for receiving the Dissertation year fellowship.
2012. 04 We are a top 10 finalist for the illusion contest at VSS. Congratulations to Steven Thurman! Demo
2012. 04 Congratulations to Alan Lee for receiving the VSS travel award.
2012. 03 Congratulations to our undergraduate RAs, Kimson Nguyne, Mariam Ter-Petrosyan and Angela Ninoyan, for presenting their research projects at the PURC conference.